Certified Reseller Program

The Opportunity

The Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. Certified Reseller Program offers your business a unique opportunity to participate in the rapidly expanding Computer Telephony ( CT )industry. The Program is designed to complement the established computer or teleconnect company.

IDC products are designed to address different segments of the IVR market. Our products are targeted at businesses that, before now, could not take advantage of IVR because of cost constraints and support staffing requirements. FastFacts systems can be installed in environments that require full-feature multi-line capabilities without the requirement of additional development or operations staff and dedicated telephony computer networks.

Utilizing our Certified Reseller Program, your company can gain a competitive edge over other companies offering similar products and / or services to those offered by your company.

The Product

Our principle product, FastFacts, offers a full-featured Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) system environment. All IVR administration task are easily handled within the FastFacts program. The design criteria was to produce in IVR that offered extensive application flexibility while maintaining exceptionally ease in the setup and operation. The FastFacts program can meet an incredible number of IVR applications essentially “out-of-the-box”.

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No one knows your business better than you. In order to facilitate the most efficient and profitable methods for the incorporation of CT into your business, we offer a variety of ways to do so.

The major system components consist of a Pentium class micro-computer, color monitor, printer, Dialogic Voice Processing card, CAS fax modem, soundcard, Windows 95 and FastFacts software. A flatbed grayscale or color scanner is recommended for scanning FaxBack documents. For remote administration or on-line technical assistance, an additional data modem is recommended.

You may chose to provide any or all of these components to your customer. We provide very specific system specifications to assist you in your hardware selection. If you prefer, we can provide any or all of these items. Fully assembled, turn-key systems are available from Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. as well.

It is our intention to function as your Computer Telephony Division, keeping you abreast of the latest in CT products and technology.

The Requirements

In accordance with our commitment to complete customer satisfaction, we do require Certified Resellers to be professional and experienced in their business field. Extensive Computer Telephony knowledge is not required for you to be successful with this program.

It is required that each Certified Reseller have a FastFacts System available for demonstration. We offer this demonstration system to you at a substantial discount, making this an exceptionally attractive opportunity for you benefit from participating in the CT market. Additionally, we encourage the implementation of the demonstration system in your business.

We do not place minimum purchase requirements on your business. We believe that the enhanced product line and attractive profit opportunities alone will provide proper motivation.

Upon receipt of your Reseller Application, we will forward to you the more detailed information.

System Compatibility

The following is a list of Pre-Configured FastFacts Phone Switch Interfaces:


AT&T; Dim.2000
AT&T; S75
AT&T; S85
Harris 20.20
SL 1



Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. offers Certified Reseller Training Seminars bi-monthly in Orlando, Florida. The schedule is included in the Certified Reseller Package which is forwarded to each Approved Certified Reseller.

If you find it difficult to attend a Training Seminar in Orlando, we provide comprehensive training materials as part of the Certified Reseller Program.

Remember, it is not necessary for you to be a CT expert. We are in business to provide you with proven and reliable CT expertise, that’s the value-added aspect of the Certified Reseller Program.


As a Certified Reseller, we offer you our CT experience whenever necessary to assist you in meeting your customers specific IVR applications. Custom programming, when and if needed, is readily available from Interactive Data Concepts, Inc.

We offer our Certified Resellers technical assistance in the areas of system hardware integration and customer telephone requirements. Technical Bulletins, Product Specifications and Updates, System Hardware and Software Configurations, Troubleshooting Tips and FAQ,s are maintained on our Fax-on-Demand system for 24 hour access. Additionally, we maintain a User ID and Password Protected Certified Reseller Information Library within this WWW site.

We provide Registered End Users with 30 days Technical Support from date of installation and registration. Extended Call-In Technical Support Programs are available to all Registered End Users.

For additional information, please complete and submit the Certified Reseller Application.

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