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Large corporations and institutions have realized the benefits of IVR over the past few years. A notable share of this segment of the market has acquired IVR capabilities, with the major percentage of current IVR installed products being made up of large and very expensive systems. Most of these systems have been primarily used in auto-attendant, call routing, and voice mail applications. More recently, large organizations have invested substantial dollars in automated order entry, customer support, banking services and other custom designed IVR applications. In the past year or so, smaller, yet still sizable organizations have begun to install IVR for real estate, newspaper, phone book, and 900/976 pay-per-call service applications, although the systems remain relatively expensive and require dedicated computer resources.
IDC products are designed to address different segments of the IVR market. Our products are targeted at businesses that, before now, could not take advantage of IVR because of cost constraints and support staffing requirements. FastFacts systems can be installed in environments that require full-feature multi-line capabilities without the requirement of additional development or operations staff and dedicated telephony computer networks.

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IDC develops and markets integrated turnkey hardware and software products to both for-profit and not-for-profit entities both nationally and internationally. IDC also offers business opportunities that encompass the use and practical business application of our products in for-profit environments. In addition, IDC offers specialized custom hardware and software solutions that are designed to meet a particular client’s specific CT requirements.

IDC’s principal product, FastFacts, was conceived in spring of 1995 with the purpose of providing a new generation of quality computer telephony products that are versatile, easy to install, easy to use, and cost effective. The primary goal of IDC was to develop a true multi-tasking single CPU system with the capability of performing virtually all IVR related tasks and functions simultaneously. This would allow a user to scan fax-on-demand documents, enter new client information, or write and record AudioText scripts without interrupting incoming calls or outbound faxes. Additional design criteria included, Microsoft Windows 95™ and Windows NT™ compliance, increased quality and reliability, and modular design to allow customization and easy installation of additional products and enhancements. The FastFacts system is comprehensive and flexible enough to be utilized in a wide variety of service bureau and in-house applications. A single FastFacts computer can be configured to accommodate up to forty-eight (48) incoming phone lines and twenty-four outbound fax-on-demand lines. FastFacts systems may be networked to provide IVR capability for literally hundreds of incoming lines and outbound fax-on-demand.

FastFacts utilizes IDC proprietary software and micro-computer based voice processing hardware to provide customers with 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week interactive information distribution via audiotext messaging, direct-connect dialing, and fax-on-demand.

The heart of the FastFacts system is comprised of two major IDC proprietary software components, FastFacts Manager and FastFacts Call Processor. FastFacts Manager is the application software that controls Client information and system configuration data. FastFacts Call Processor is interactive server software that operates and controls the phone lines, voice processing and interactive fax hardware. Both were designed, developed and maintained by IDC and are protected by U.S. copyright laws.

The Interactive Studio IVR provides a professional studio-like quality voice prompt and message recording environment via standard voice telephone connections. The Interactive Studio IVR incorporates professional voice editing and music mixing utilities, sequential .WAV file compilation, interfaced with comprehensive IVR capabilities. Therefore the Interactive Studio IVR provides an effective and efficient solution for music-on-hold and message-on-hold device manufactures and resellers.

Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. offers consulting and custom programming services covering numerous specific CT applications.

IVR Systems for Service Bureaus and IVR Outsource Providers are a product specialty area at Interactive Data Concepts, Inc..

Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We would be pleased to help you evaluate any area in which CT can be beneficial to your business.

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