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The turnkey systems still offer quite a bit. Some applications can now be designed by someone who isn’t very technical or even telephony-oriented without calling in the vendor for customization or relying on them to make changes. That was once a big draw in using the do-it-yourself application generators. The new ease of use in these systems gives the application generators competition.

One company that’s taken the idea of a standalone IVR system that can run out-of-the-box with minimal programming to the max is Interactive Data Concepts (Altamonte Springs, FL). Their system, FastFacts,

is multi-tasking, running on a single platform so most or all IVR related tasks and functions are performed at one time. For example, you can scan fax-on-demand, enter new client info, write and record audiotext scripts without interrupting incoming calls or outgoing faxes. A single computer can accommodate up to 48 incoming lines and 24 outbound fax-on-demand lines. Up to 24 systems can be networked for large scale applications. The system is Windows 95 and Windows NT compliant. The company’s Grayson Weldon says their main priority was to design a product for the end-user, not the systems programmer or telephony expert.


This is the “System Settings Folder” in FastFacts from Interactive Data Concepts. This contains the system configuration parameters the FastFacts IVR program uses to determine what action to take in various situations. All folders are password protected.

FastFacts IVR Solutions

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