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Interactive Voice Response is big business. The opportunities for IVR Service Bureaus and IVR Outsourcing are increasing daily. Generally, applications are limited only to one’s imagination. The potential applications for Fax-on-Demand, Interactive Fax and Broadcast Fax are seemingly endless. With the addition of multiple tier audio-text messaging, multiple-tier call forwarding, and interactive database information retrieval, the business applications become unlimited.

The Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. FastFacts IVR System easily handles all of the aforementioned task and more. Best of all, you do not have to be a computer wizard or telephony expert to handle all IVR administration task using the FastFacts System. Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. can provide a fully assembled, full-function, full-featured FastFacts IVR system and assist with marketing ideas and provide training as well.

Taking into consideration all aspects of starting a new business or expanding the marketing appeal of an existing business, an FastFacts IVR Service Bureau becomes exceptionally attractive. Some considerations are:

Unlimited Potential Revenue – Your FastFasts System has virtually no limitation on the number of clients you can service. You sell it, FastFasts can handle it!

Affordable Initial Investment – Considering the substantial investment required in the formation of most businesses, and certainly associated with most all franchises, the total setup expense associated with a FastFacts Service Bureau is minimal in comparison.

Limited Overhead – Essentially the ongoing overhead of running your FastFacts Service Bureau consists of telephone service for your business and the FastFacts System, technical support if desired, general marketing materials, and limited office facilities (This may well be the perfect home office business). Sales and marketing efforts are established only by your business vision and these expenses are proportional to revenues generated if properly administered.

Contingent Liability – They is virtually no contingent liability associated with business of this nature. Service vehicles, work personnel, public access, and other liability sensitive aspects of conducting business are limited at best.

Financial Liability – Items such as large office or warehouse facilities are not required. Additionally, there are no expensive product inventory requirements requiring financial commitment, storage, while at risk of being damaged or outdated.

We encourage anyone considering a new business venture to evaluate the advantages associated with a FastFacts Service Bureau. Also, please consult with your lawyer and financial advisers prior to making any critical business decisions.

Your association with Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. will keep you abreast of new products and services as they become available. As a Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. customer and technical support subscriber, you will receive product updates and / or new telephony related products contemporary with technology advances and receive preferential pricing if applicable.


  • Pentium™ Class Microprocessor Based Systems
  • IDC™ Multi-Tasking FastFacts Application
  • EASE™ Voice Processing Engine
  • Dialogic™ Voice processing Hardware
  • Voice Information Systems™ Professional Prompt Editing
  • Puredata™ CAS Modem Technology


Service Bureau Applications


  • Advertising
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Information Dissemination & Retrieval


  • IVR Service Bureau
  • Chamber Line
  • Talking Classifieds
  • Talking Personals
  • Talking Maps & Guides
  • Talking Menus
  • Realtor Line
  • Rental Line
  • Big-Ticket Sales Line
  • Dating Services
  • Custom Vertical Applications
  • And More…


  • Membership Directories
  • Visitors Guides
  • Calendar of Events
  • Membership Advertising Services
  • Interactive Maps & Guides
  • Fax-On-Demand Menus
  • Fax-On-Demand Directories
  • Fax-On-Demand Product Information
  • Fax-On-Demand Schedules
  • Interactive Real Estate Information
  • Apartment Rental Guides
  • Mortgage Information Hot Line
  • Association News Line
  • Special Events Line
  • General Advertising
  • These Opportunities an more…


  • Protected Markets
  • All Hardware & Software
  • Comprehensive Operations Training
  • Instant Cash Flow
  • Complete Technical Support

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