Business Opportunities

Business Opportunity Overview Interactive Voice Response is big business. The opportunities for IVR Service Bureaus and IVR Outsourcing are increasing daily. Generally, applications are limited only to one’s imagination. The potential applications for Fax-on-Demand, Interactive Fax and Broadcast Fax are seemingly endless. With the addition of multiple tier audio-text messaging, multiple-tier call forwarding, and interactive […]

Certified Reseller Program

The Opportunity The Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. Certified Reseller Program offers your business a unique opportunity to participate in the rapidly expanding Computer Telephony ( CT )industry. The Program is designed to complement the established computer or teleconnect company. IDC products are designed to address different segments of the IVR market. Our products are targeted […]

FastFacts IVR Solutions

FastFacts is a comprehensive and very capable full-featured, full-function IVR System that is versatile, easy to install, easy to use and cost effective. FastFacts provides a true multi-tasking single CPU environment for performing essentially all IVR related task and functions simultaneously. Explore these pages for a sampling of the extensive features of the FastFacts System. You may request a FastFacts product demo […]

IDC in the News

THEY STAND ALONE The turnkey systems still offer quite a bit. Some applications can now be designed by someone who isn’t very technical or even telephony-oriented without calling in the vendor for customization or relying on them to make changes. That was once a big draw in using the do-it-yourself application generators. The new ease […]

Products & Services

Product Strategy Large corporations and institutions have realized the benefits of IVR over the past few years. A notable share of this segment of the market has acquired IVR capabilities, with the major percentage of current IVR installed products being made up of large and very expensive systems. Most of these systems have been primarily […]

An Overview of Computer Telephony

Computer Telephony Overview Two technologies are revolutionizing the way the world communicates: telephones and computers. Telephones are everywhere. For decades, they have been prevalent in offices, public establishments, and homes. And computers are catching up. However, these two technologies historically have remained separate. Often, the only thing in common has been the desk on which […]

About Interactive Data Concepts, Inc.

Customer Commitment Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. (IDC) is committed to total customer satisfaction. The information technology industry has become the mainstay of our economy. Our industry will be constantly challenged to find new ways to deliver information to its targeted sources. IDC is researching these emerging information technologies that will become vehicles for our customers […]