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Customer Commitment

Interactive Data Concepts, Inc. (IDC) is committed to total customer satisfaction. The information technology industry has become the mainstay of our economy. Our industry will be constantly challenged to find new ways to deliver information to its targeted sources. IDC is researching these emerging information technologies that will become vehicles for our customers utilization and implementation for their continued success.

Evaluation of customer requirements, reliable software and system performance, and excellent technical support, when, or if needed, are the elements that establish the degree of customer satisfaction. It is this criteria that remains the top priority at IDC.

To provide customers with around the clock access to up-to-date product information and technical support, IDC maintains:

1. FastFacts AudioText and Interactive FaxBack System
Available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

2. Internet: http://www.idccorps.com


IDC develops and markets Computer Telephony (CT) hardware and software solutions. Computer Telephony integrates computer information systems with traditional and wireless telephone networks, allowing access to computer stored information through telephones, fax machines, computer terminals, Analog Display Services Interfaces (ADSI) phones and any other device attached to a telephone network.
CT products are utilized to build a vast array of applications, including voice/fax and other media messaging, interactive voice/fax response, audiotext messaging, interactive data retrieval, telemarketing, operator services, and other call center applications.

Company Profile

The primary focus of IDC is the development of CT software solutions for consumer market applications. In summary, our products are designed for business applications, providing our customers with exceptional system versatility and reliable performance, without complex system programming or CT knowledge.
IDC products and services utilize state-of-the-art software technology to provide innovative marketing and information tools. IDC’s sales and marketing tools provide a wide range of business application solutions through its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) computer systems.

IDC has had extensive dedicated CT experience developing IVR systems providing audiotext advertising, fax-on-demand, pass through dialing and interactive data retrieval. As customer requirements broadened in scope, coupled with knowledge gained through market research, response from customers and product inquires, the serious shortcomings of conventional IVR systems became very apparent. Utilization of this information combined with extensive technical abilities, provides the foundation from which IDC develops IVR software solutions.

Product Strategy

Large corporations and institutions have realized the benefits of IVR over the past few years. A notable share of this segment of the market has acquired IVR capabilities, with the major percentage of current IVR installed products being made up of large and very expensive systems. Most of these systems have been primarily used in auto-attendant, call routing, and voice mail applications. More recently, large organizations have invested substantial dollars in automated order entry, customer support, banking services and other custom designed IVR applications. In the past year or so, smaller, yet still sizable organizations have begun to install IVR for real estate, newspaper, phone book, and 900/976 pay-per-call service applications, although the systems remain relatively expensive and require dedicated computer resources.
IDC products are designed to address different segments of the IVR market. Our products are targeted at businesses that, before now, could not take advantage of IVR because of cost constraints and support staffing requirements. FastFacts systems can be installed in environments that require full-feature multi-line capabilities without the requirement of additional development or operations staff and dedicated telephony computer networks.


In response to demonstrated needs of our market, IDC will continually introduce new products and enhance existing products. IDC will be offering new IVR products that will be marketed as options to future FastFacts systems. The key enhancement products will be Voice Recognition, Caller ID Data Collection and Host Interactive Text-to-Speech.
Voice Recognition hardware and software modules will be offered that allow callers to respond to the FastFacts computer with voice commands instead of or in addition to touch-tone response. Voice Recognition can also be used to collect incoming caller information such as name and address without the costly and tedious requirement of voice-to-text transcription. Typical applications are: caller inquiry services, voice application forms, customer service, loan qualifying, inbound telemarketing, and more.

Caller ID Data Collection software modules will allow FastFacts customers to easily identify who is requesting information from their IVR system. Typical applications are: real estate, mortgage, general lead generation, IVR service screening, and more.

Host Interactive Text-to-Speech will be offered to those customers that want to use the FastFacts system to interface to a host computer to perform unattended interactive database lookups and updates via standard voice telephones. Typical applications are: order status, account status, order entry, reservations, customer service, and more.

New products and technologies will play a major role in the future and growth of the all businesses. We have all heard of the “Information Super-Highway” and IDC has taken notice of the attention major corporations have paid to its advocates. It is quite apparent to us that the computer industry, telephone companies, and cable television companies will begin offering shared resource services utilizing a host of new information products. At IDC, we believe that a “highway” will be built, sooner than later, and it is our intent to develop and market products that enable our customers to put it to beneficial use.

An Overview of Computer Telephony

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